The Centre Is Divided Into 3 Rooms Based On Age

Children are allowed to freely visit different rooms. Children play together in our large Kiwi backyard style playground. The younger children learn skills from the older children and the older ones take pride in teaching their peers new things. Our children are also familiar with teachers in the other rooms as they have mixed interactions between rooms creating a happy family environment.

A quality learning programme across our 3 rooms provides children with lots of learning opportunities in a wide range of areas(age-appropriate) included in our daily activities.


Remember we are flexible in many ways to suit your individual needs. We are happy to discuss and accommodate times if the above times do not suit you. Please call us or drop in to find out more details of our fee schedule.

Affordable and competitive
No booking fee
20 free ECE hours subsidy for over 3 year olds
Special sibling rates
Free orientation sessions available
Half day morning session: 7.30am – 1pm
Afternoon session: 1pm – 6pm
School Hours: 8:30am – 3:00pm
Full Time: 7.30am – 6pm (3 – 5 Year Olds)


We believe in enhancing kids abilities & skills through stimulating environment.